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Kyle Jones / Founder : CEO


Business Info

Jones Designz started and was founded by Kyle Jones and what began as a fun thing to do has grown into a Custom Graphics, Apparel and Promotional Product Company located in Olney Illinois. Jones Designz has been serving its customers and local communities since 2012 and we appreciate our customers and are devoted to helping them succeed.

More About Kyle

Every since I was little I always had worked in my parents hardware store,and that is where I learned a lot of my customer service skills as well for my passion for designing. While working in my parents hardware store I always watched my father draw things on napkins/paper and make things out of anything that was close by. At the age of 13 I entered a poster contest at my school for “Smoke The Bear” that was Sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service,the National Council of State Garden Clubs,and the National Association of State Foresters. I won 1st place in all(local,state and national) rounds.After my success and my passion for the arts as a child,I excelled in art classes in high school and that is when I started to experiment with computers and creating graphics with them. But after high school the real world of work came along “since I choose not to go to college”. I worked at a few jobs after high school and I succeeded at them but it never had the excitement or gratification of creating graphics. A year or so before I got laid off at my factory job. I started to compete in contest online of doing logos and graphics for people and within a few months I was ranked 15 out of 5000 or so designers on the site. That was when I had my AH!HA!moment. So I figured I must be doing something right so I sought out a new job after being laid off that involved something to do with graphic design.Since that is what I was excelling at and it really was something I wanted to do. So I landed a job at a screen printing shop and all was well. But there was mutual difference that we both and the owners had. So I looked around and found another job in a different field of design,which was vinyl graphics for “cars,trucks,vans,signs & more”. That job just didn’t work out for awhile but that is where I learned about vinyl graphics. So after that job ended I decided that I would start my own business and then three heat presses and a vinyl cut later Jones Designz was born. And ever since I’ve been trying to give the best quality products and service to my customers. Check out Our Services that we offer here and see if there is anything that we can help you with on your next order. We would be glad to help you!